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How To Adjust the Altitude Settings for your Samsung MLT-D101S Toner Cartridge

If you’ve ever had to print an important document in a hurry, you’ll know how frustrating it is when you’ve got strange streaks across the page. Most people think that this is a problem with their toner cartridges but often it is the printer that needs to be adjusted.

High altitudes don’t just affect people. Often printers and other office equipment will misbehave at higher altitudes. This is especially true of Samsung toner printers using Samsung 101S black toner cartridges which will often print streaks like this if the altitude has not been set correctly:

Luckily, there is an easy way to fix the altitude settings on your printer. Our technical support team have put together a step by step guide to help you get back to printing properly.

To adjust the altitude settings for your Samsung 101S toner cartridge, please follow these steps:

1. You will need to install Samsung Easy Printer Manager. This programme should be on the disk you got with your printer. If you do not have the installation disk, you can download Samsung Easy Printer Manager.

2. Open Samsung Easy Printer Manger, select your printer from the printer list on the side. Click on the ‘Advanced Mode’ icon to access the altitude settings:

Samsung toner printer manager - switch to advanced

3. Select Device settings:
Samsung toner printer manager - Device Settings

This will open up the Machine Setup menu.

4. In the Machine Setup menu, go to Altitude Adjustment and select your altitude above sea level. If you’re not sure, select High 3:
Samsung MTLD-101S - Altitude adjustment

You can use this list as a rough guide to your settings depending on your height above sea level:
Normal – 0 to 1000m
High 1 – 1000m to 2000m
High 2 – 2000m to 3000m
High 3 – 3000m to 4000m

5. Click Save and then Click OK:

Samsung toner printer manager - Save settings

Your settings will be saved and your printer will no longer print the odd streaks across your page.

If you do get stuck or have any problems, you can always contact us.


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