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The Xerox 3100 printers, later models (which is the majority) as well as models with updated firmware, all have a penalty system built in, for when users insert a used or faulty smart card. The Smart Card for the Xerox 3100 as well as similar printers (like the ricoh sp1000 or the sagem ctr365) acts as a reset. In other words when the printer says toner low or empty, you replace the cartridge and then insert the card into the reader and remove the card.

This will reset the printer and allow the printer to print another 4000 pages (at 5% coverage). In the cases where the user inserts a used card the initial lcd reading will say “remove card, remove already used” or if it is a faulty or incorrect card it will read “unknown card, remove card”. In either of these cases if this card is reinserted the printer’s penalty system initiates. So when the card is inserted for the second time, the card reader is disabled for 2 minutes.

If you insert the card or any other card during the penalty time the 2 minutes is doubled and becomes 4 minutes, and the time will double for every time you insert any card (original, used, compatible or faulty). So the penalty time ranges from 2 minutes up to almost 2 days. The increments in minutes are as follows 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048. So it will only take the user to insert cards in 11 times to penalise them for 35 hours. There is also no indication on the printer to let you know how much time is left or how much time the cards have been inserted. The only thing that can be done is to wait.



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